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Yes, we offer Search Engine Optimization, or SEO services in Manhattan Beach. In fact, that's almost all we do any more. Why?

Because SEO is the place where many small businesses fail. It's not their fault though, because many either don't understand how SEO works or the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

Many small businesses follow similar paths with their websites. They usually don't have much budget but realize they need to have a website. So they decide to spend a few hundred dollars and have somebody create a website on the cheap or use an intern or friend that has great design skills but little business experience to create one for them.

Then the website sits there without any promotion or updates and fails to deliver any real value or traffic. Chances are the website wasn't optimized for the search engines in the beginning and it might not even be indexed. There's no way anybody will ever find it. So most companies think it isn't worth it to spend any more money. Sound familiar?

We like working with small businesses because they're usually the ones that need the most help, especially when it comes to getting found in the search engines. We started in 1995 by creating websites for small businesses. Nobody else was doing it and we found we could provide real value.

Today, almost anybody can build a website or blog for free. Nobody needs us to create websites any more. But they do need search engine optimization and there aren't many knowledgeable people that do it. The good ones either do it for their own websites or work for big companies. So we switched gears and decided to focus on SEO.

If you need to optimize your website for the search engines, contact us and we'll have a look. We can run a quick analysis for free and let you know what you need to do to make it work. You can even take the info to somebody else to do the work.

In the meantime, you'll need to know there are two main components to SEO: On-page and Off-page elements.

On-page SEO refers to everything that is on each web page such as the text, the images, and all the HTML code that makes up the page. This can be one of the first places to begin and you will need some technical knowledge to understand it. If you don't know how to code web pages you will need somebody who can do it for you.

Off-page SEO refers to everything outside of your website - some of which you can control and some you can't. You need to focus only on what you can control like links pointing to your website, submitting it to search engines and directories, using social media, etc.

Undertanding how everything works together and doing simple things that don't cost money but you can do yourself can help you in the long run. If you're willing to do some of the work yourself you won't need to pay somebody to do it for you.

Our clients ask us about SEO all the time. We'll be putting together some info soon and show the best tools to use and explain how everything works so that anybody can get started without spending money.

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