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About Jeff Weiss Marketing & Web Design

Since 1995, Jeff Weiss Marketing & Web Design has focused on web site design and marketing for small companies.

Majoring in Advertising and Communications at Purdue University in the 1980's, web sites didn't exist when Jeff was still in college.

During the first half of the 90's, Jeff worked on the production side of more than 200 music videos and commercials in Hollywood. Some of the marquee projects included music videos for The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode, Pauly Shore, Sade, The Beastie Boys, Stevie Wonder, Tori Amos, The Black Crowes, The B-52's, and Keith Richards among others.

In 1995, while the World Wide Web was still in it's infancy, production companies in Hollywood became interested in creating web sites. Finding web designers at that time was a difficult task, so Jeff took time off from film production and began deconstructing some of the more popular sites to learn how they were created.

A month later, he was approached by Billy Poveda at The Oil Factory to produce the first web site for a Hollywood music video production company. That initial job led to more web sites and a better understanding of web site creation.

In late 1995, Jeff became the webmaster for the Interactive Fantasy Network (IFNet), an early episodic site on the web, pre-dating the hugely successful IFNet was a $2 million production complete with interactive storylines, contests, themed chat rooms, and monthly giveaways including trips to The 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, a cooking tour of Paris, France, and a beachside getaway to Malibu, California. IFNet also produced live, daily radio programs featuring Tim Conway Jr. and Jed Wallace interviewing guests such as Tommy Lasorda and popular Playboy Playmates.

In 1997, Jeff Weiss began working with SoftAware Networks in Marina del Rey, California. SoftAware's low-latency global server network became the online hub for companies such as Sega, Paramount and Universal Studios, FX Networks, Mattel, Fox Kids, and others in need of a high-speed internet presence.

In 2000, he found himself in SoftAware's marketing department preparing for the company's IPO. By the end of the year, the company was purchased by Digital Island for $450 million.

Since 2002, Jeff Weiss has continued to produce web sites and marketing campaigns. In 2005, he served as the Director of Marketing for Accessible Design & Consulting in Santa Monica, California. That position led to an interest in marketing to Baby Boomers. With 77 million strong, Baby Boomers will be one of the most sought after markets for the next few years.

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