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Our Marketing Philosophy
We approach marketing for most companies from the same viewpoint: you need to tell a great story. This begins with a simple, precise, yet attention-grabbing elevator pitch.

Why is an Elevator Pitch so Important?
In almost any situation, you need to be able gain the interest of prospective customers in 30 seconds or less. Almost every commercial on television lasts a mere 30 seconds. Coincidence?

When meeting with the press, speaking to an audience, or talking with somebody in an elevator, if you can grab their attention and hold it within 30 seconds or less, chances are great they will want to hear more.

Cultivating a great story that can be told in 30 seconds or less will form the foundation for all of the marketing materials in your arsenal, from brochures and customer letters, to press engagements, and your web site.

Once you've created the perfect elevator pitch, it's imperative that every employee in your company can recite it with flair. Let it resonate loudly throughout your entire organization. Find your voice and make sure everyone speaks from that same voice.

Formula for Marketing
For the past ten years, we've worked with small to medium-sized companies to elevate their status within the marketplace and provide them with a solid marketing foundation. We've found that the best Marketing Plans follow a simple formula:
  1. Define the Needs
  2. Set the Strategy
  3. Assemble the Resources
  4. Execute the Plan
  5. Analyze the Results
  6. Regroup

Think of this as a road map to follow with a plan for each of the six stages.

Research the Competition
It's always best to begin with a competitive/industry analysis. This offers a snapshot of the industry and provides data and information to be used within the scope of the plan. Knowing who your competition is and their strengths and weaknesses will make it that much easier for you to carve out your own story.

Be Consistent Across All Channels
As you Execute the Plan, it is necessary to be consistent across all channels. Printed brochures should have the same look and feel as your web site, letterhead, business cards, and media ads. You're branding your company and every item should be consistent with every other item.

Our approach to marketing outlined here may seem a bit rudimentary, but creating a solid marketing foundation can set the tone for the years to follow. If you'd like to discuss in detail how best to market your company's products or services, give us a call at 310-545-2742.

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